Shared Living Advantages

Space and privacy are not always advantageous to one’s health. Research and experience have taught us that encouraging residents to engage with each other throughout the day has many benefits. Common area spaces are abundant and inviting and when residents spend the majority of their day outside of their residence, shared living arrangements are surprisingly viable.

“A shared apartment is not a compromise – it can be a source of comfort.” – Anne Sanabria, Lakeside Park Associate

A government report on the increasing social isolation among seniors found that living alone is one of the risk factors for social isolation. It also points out that companionship and social support has “a strong protective effect on seniors’ health.” A roommate can reduce feelings of social isolation, and perhaps provide a new and enduring friendship.

“Shared living definitely builds camaraderie. When Manny joined George in their shared suite, I noticed George smiling more often. I think he enjoys the company and companionship.” – Jessica L., Lakeside Park Intern

Seniors who live together, live a healthier lifestyle because they usually eat better, get more exercise, and are more social and motivated than seniors who live alone. And residents have a sense of belonging and sense of purpose in looking out for each other. Additional benefits include saving money, safety, higher communication and touch time, plus the comfort and encouragement that a friend provides.

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